Swati Sircar is  an Assistant Professor at the School of Continuing Education and University Resource Centre of Azim Premji University, India. She has B.Stat. and M.Stat. degrees from the Indian Statistical Institute and an MS in Mathematics from the University of Washington, Seattle. She has  experience of over a decade in teaching  learners and training teachers, in school mathematics. In her teaching, she tries to address both ends of the spectrum—learners who are afraid of mathematics and those who love to engage with it. She is deeply interested in experiential and visual learning and explores various mat(h)erials and their scope in teaching mathematics. Her teaching and training involve hands-on activities, explorations, open-ended questions and computer-aided learning.

Module objectives

    1. Expert video: Introduction to the module

    1. Expert video: Section introduction (Part 1)

    2. Journal entry: Refection question

    3. Expert video: Natural number exponents

    4. Self-study: Natural number exponents

    5. Task 1: Exploring the law of exponents

    6. Suggested answers

    7. Task 2: Exploring exponents with fractional base

    8. Suggested answers

    9. Expert video: Summing-up

    10. Additional reference links for extended learning

    11. Expert video: Section introduction Part 2

    12. Expert video: Integer exponents

    13. Self-study: Integer exponents: Revisiting identities

    14. Task 3: Teaching laws of exponents

    15. Answers

    16. Journal entry: Reflection question

    17. Expert video: Summing-up

    1. Expert video: Section introduction

    2. Expert video: Why we teach math

    3. Journal entry: Reflection question

    4. Expert video: Constructions

    5. Self-study: Teaching constructions

    6. Task 1: Deciphering construction

    7. Task 2: Deciphering construction

    8. Answers

    9. Journal entry: Reflection question

    10. Expert video: Summing-up

    11. Additional reference links for extended learning

    1. Expert video: Section Introduction

    2. Expert video: Making math experiential

    3. Self-study: Creating an experiential classroom

    4. Task 1: Understanding experiential learning

    5. Expert video: Summing-up

    6. Additional reference links for extended learning

    1. Feedback form

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