Orient BlackSwan Centre for Professional Development is a digital hub for the upskilling and enrichment of teachers with courses that are current and relevant.

Why courses from Orient BlackSwan for Professional Development?

  • Self-paced, short courses with videos, lesson materials, activities, and self-evaluation

  • Renowned course instructors—International and Indian

  • Flexible options to purchase entire courses or individual modules within a course

  • Module-completion certificates to support career growth

Access to the finest instructors the world over


Scott Thornbury Hania Kryszewska (Pilgrims)
Mercedes Perez Berbain (Pilgrims) 

Sonie Thakkar Swati Sircar 
Meera Ravishankar

Rajendran Thamarapura
Hema Ramanathan



  • Will I need to attend classes at specific times?

    All our courses can be taken at your leisure and at your own pace. You will have sufficiently long periods of access to the courses, typically 90 days, to complete them.

  • Are these courses only for users of Orient BlackSwan books?

    No, these courses are for all educators.

  • Do I need any special materials or devices to take these courses?

    No, all courses are self-contained. You can take these courses from any device including desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

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“Innovative methods with many suggestions.”

“Good you have given at less price, appreciable. I need to grow and be energized. So, provide as many as possible courses, especially on Leadership and Management.”

“It was an interesting module. Loved the idea of 'Matherials'!”

“It's a wonderful experience to learn and know about different and useful strategies of teaching leadership. Thank you, Orient BlackSwan!”

“I liked the topic critical thinking. Will implement it in my classroom teaching”

“Excellent course. Of course, it has to be when it is taught by Scott Thornbury.”