Meera Ravishankar is deeply interested in the field of education and its allied areas. She has taught in leading schools in Bengaluru and Chennai and has authored textbooks for classes 1 to 9. She has worked with the Tamil Nadu Textbook Society to create content for classes 10 and 11. Meera has conducted faculty development workshops for schools across India. She is a materials writer and a resource person with Orient BlackSwan.  She is a bi-lingual translator in Tamil and English and has bagged the Tamil Nadu State Award for Best Translator, 2021.

Module objectives

    1. Expert video: Introduction to the module

    1. Expert video What is formative assessment?

    2. Self-study: A few tips and suggestions before conducting an FA

    3. Journal entry: Self-assessment

    4. Task 1: Checking understanding 1

    5. Task 2: Checking understanding 2

    6. Answers

    1. Expert video: One-minute paper assessment

    2. Self-study: Reference link: One-minute paper assessment

    3. Task: Identifying the prompts and the factors checked

    4. Journal Entry: Creating prompts to check different factors

    1. Expert video: Dipsticks

    2. Journal Entry: Understanding Dipsticks

    3. Task 1: Recall: Steps in the process of Dipsticks writing method

    4. Self-study: Cherry Tree by Ruskin Bond

    5. Self-study: Sample guided writing

    6. Task 2: Case study (Reading material)

    7. Task 2: Case Study (Questions)

    8. Answers

    1. Expert video: Conversations, Discussions and TAG feedback

    2. Self-study: PPT for reference

    3. Task 1: A Quick recap of salient features

    4. Task 2: Matching prompt questions with assessment factors

    5. Journal entry: Creating questions for TAG feedback

    1. Expert video: Exit cards

    2. Self-study: Creating and administering exit cards

    3. Task 1: Strategies for administering exit cards

    4. Task 2: Exit cards: Benefits for teachers

    5. Task 3: Exit cards: Benefits for students

    6. Journal entry: Creating exit cards

    7. Task 4: Preparing a sample exit card for grammar

    8. Task 5: Preparing a sample exit card for vocabulary

    9. Journal entry: Creating level-appropriate exit cards for Reading and Writing

    10. Reference Link: A quick check formative assessment idea

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