Sonie Thakkar is an English Language coach, communication trainer, teacher trainer, podcaster and former Examiner, Trinity College, London. In the past two decades, she has trained several working professionals, teachers, and candidates for international examinations.  She has conducted numerous teacher training workshops across the country—online and face-to-face.  She has taught in Greenwich, UK, and her experience there has deepened her understanding of English language pedagogy for international communication. She has been associated with Orient BlackSwan as a resource person for many years.  

Module objectives

    1. Expert video

    1. Journal entry: Listing typical errors

    2. Expert video: Teaching conjunctions: Common mistakes

    1. Expert video: Lesson process

    2. Journal entry: Reflection task: Steps in the lesson process

    3. Task: Reordering the steps in the lesson process

    1. Expert video: Tips to design an activity for the lesson plan

    2. Self-study 1: Suggested process for designing an activity: Elementary and intermediate

    3. Self-study 2: Practice tasks as ready reckoner

    1. Expert video: Planning the lesson

    2. Lesson Plan template

    1. Expert video: Assessing learning

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