Eleanor Watts is an experienced teacher, trainer, and author with over 40 years of teaching experience in India and the UK. She holds an MA in English Literature from Oxford University (1973) and Post Graduate Certificate in Education and MA with Distinction from London University (1975 and 2001, respectively).

Eleanor has conducted teacher training worldwide and established a school and training center in Andhra Pradesh from 1983-87. She authored 50+ primary school textbooks and resource books for teachers, contributed to educational journals, and was actively involved with IATEFL Young Learners and Global Issues SIG Newsletters from 1994 to 2011. Eleanor now resides in the UK, where she continues her work in educational materials writing.

Module objectives

    1. Expert video

    1. Reading task

    2. Further reading

    1. Reflection on the use of songs and rhymes

    2. Journal

    1. Classroom activities

    1. Reflection on your choice of songs

    2. Reflection on your drawing

    3. Reflection on art and craft preparation

    1. Task 1

    2. Task 2

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