Mercedes Perez Berbain has an M.A. in Education from the Oxford Brookes University, UK and is currently Senior Lecturer at J.V. González College of Education, Argentina. She is an author of teaching materials for leading publishers worldwide  and is the Co-editor of International Perspectives on Diversity in ELT. Mercedes is also a faculty member at Pilgrims Teacher Training, Oxfordshire, UK and a reviewer at highly esteemed educational journals.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome video

    2. Objectives of the course

    3. Overview of the course

    4. How is this course organised?

    1. Expert video

    1. Activity

    1. Part A: Identifying teaching strategies

    2. PART B: The leadership challenge in the classroom PDF

    3. Leadership principles in your words

    4. Suggested answers

    1. Journal entry

    2. Suggested answers

    1. A. Leaderly actions

    2. Table PDF

    3. B. Leaderly planning

    4. Sample lesson plan

    5. Suggested answer

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