Dr Hema Ramanathan believes that education is a public discipline; teaching is a social act; and research in education should mirror these concepts. Her academic focus is on teacher education with an emphasis on diversity, especially language diversity, and English Language Teaching (ELT). She has taught English language and literature in India, Indonesia and Malaysia. After almost 25 years of teaching education at universities in the U.S., she moved to India to pursue her passion to work with teachers as a senior advisor and consultant with educational organisations. She has over 75 publications and 190 presentations and workshops on ELT and teacher education in India and the U.S. She is a series editor and author of an English textbook series for Grades 1 to 8.

Module objectives

    1. Introductory module

    2. Integrating Arts in Teaching—Course Overview

    3. Introduction to the module

    1. Self-study PPT: Why the Arts?

    2. Expert video

    3. Task 1: Identifying the Art forms

    4. Task 2: Features of Art forms

    5. Discussion on tasks 1 and 2

    1. PPT: What is AIL?

    2. Expert video: What is AIL?

    3. Task: Art Education (Art Ed), Arts Enhanced Pedagogy (AEP) or Arts Integrated Pedagogy (AIP)?

    4. Discussion on task

    1. PPT: Learning Theories and the Arts

    2. Expert video: Learning Theories and the Arts

    3. Task 1: Multisensory Theory and the Arts

    4. Task 2: Multiple Intelligences and the Arts

    5. Discussion on tasks 1 and 2

    1. Analyse tasks for Art forms

    2. Lesson Plan-AEP or AIP?

    1. Furthermore …

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