Course creatorRajendran Thamarapura is the Founder-Director of Qrius Learning Initiatives based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. His focus is on constructivist pedagogy with emphasis on problem-solving. For more than three decades, he has been involved in teaching and teacher training at the primary level and developed teacher training modules to conduct state-level workshops for teachers. He has been a resource person for the education departments of the Governments of Kerala and Tamil Nadu and was a consultant for the Government of Bangladesh and advised schools in Malaysia. In 2018, he was a participant in an international conference in Finland for 100 innovators in education. He works closely with Orient BlackSwan to empower educators across the country.

Course facilitatorVijayalakshmi Srinivasan has more than three decades of teaching experience and has been the Principal of Lady Andal School, one of the prestigious schools in Chennai. She has been a valued member of various specialised educational groups like the Expert Committee of Educational Initiatives (Ei) that conducts Asset, a skill-based test that measures students' conceptual understanding, the Expert Committee for Curriculum Development in Mathematics, the State level Expert Group for Examination and Evaluation Reforms in Classes I to X in Tamil Nadu schools and the Tamil Nadu State CCE committee. She was also the co-ordinator for review of Tamil Nadu State textbooks for uniform syllabus.

She is the co-author of New Maths Time Grades 6 to 8,  Mathematics textbooks for CBSE published by Orient BlackSwan.  

Module objectives

    1. Introductory module

    2. Expert video

    1. Journal Entry: Refection question

    2. Expert video: Part 1

    3. Task 1: Creating questions on basic multiplication facts

    4. Suggested answers

    5. Task 2: Creating a question chain on multiplicand, multiplier and product

    6. Suggested answers

    7. Expert video: Part 2

    8. Self-study: Effective strategies to introduce the concept of multiplication

    9. Audio: Self-study: Effective strategies to introduce the concept of multiplication

    10. Task 3: Self-evaluation

    1. Expert video: Part 1

    2. Self-study: Using the table to facilitate higher order thinking skills in students

    3. Task 1: Reordering the classroom process of elicitation for multiplication

    4. Task 2: Eliciting the rules of multiplication from students

    5. Suggested answers

    6. Task 3: Self-evaluation

    1. Expert video

    2. Self-study: Advantages of learner-centred, activity-based classrooms

    3. Reference: 1 Sample gamified mathematics activities – multiplication

    4. Task 1: Finding and checking a product using various ways

    5. Task 2: Multiplying a 3-diigt number with a 2-digit number

    6. Suggested answer

    7. Reference 2: Some questions to ponder

    8. Journal Entry: Sample strategy to teach multiplication in real-life situation

    9. Suggested answer

    10. Task 3: Self-evaluation

    1. Feedback form

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